Doppler is a brand that believes style and practicality can coexist in harmony, even in the face of challenging weather. Originating from a keen understanding of our customers' need for quality and design, we've dedicated ourselves to creating umbrellas that are as robust as they are elegant. Our products are designed for the world, crafted to handle the unpredictable whims of weather across the globe.

At Doppler, we understand the power of individual expression. Our umbrellas aren't merely accessories - they're a statement, a demonstration of personal style unfazed by changing conditions. Each Doppler umbrella is designed with thoughtfulness, infused with the elements of the latest trends, and built to offer an unmatched balance of durability and sophistication. Trust in Doppler, your stylish guardian, to keep you chic and dry, anywhere, anytime.

About Doppler Umbrellas UK

Burton Blake Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for Doppler umbrellas. Since 2012, we have been the UK's leading online retailer for truly great luxury products from premium brands such as Knirps, WOLF, Bang & Olufsen, ST Dupont, KEF, Anglepoise, Riedel, Doppler and many more. Over 250,000 delighted customers have experienced our amazing customer service. Every day we strive to give our customers the highest possible standard of service.

International orders

For orders outside the UK, please visit the international Doppler Umbrellas website.